Plant City Bonsai

Plants have arrived from Oregon! Pre-Bonsai & Landscape Specimens

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Plant City Bonsai

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Bonsai Pottery and Supplies

We have high quality Japanese pottery as well as Chinese pots and handmade pottery by artist Sage Smith. Bonsai pottery and supplies available for the bonsai enthusiast

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Plant City Bonsai

New shipment of Akadama, Pumice and Aoki are now in stock! New Bonsai Pottery has also arrived from Japan and we have many pots to choose from. This is the last shipment of this excellent Japanese pottery before the company goes out of business permanently.


We all agree the past workshop with Larry Jackel on Yamadori was the best ever! Make plans now for Oct 2015 for round two and read more to learn how to GET YOUR OWN YAMADORI now!

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** Watch all of our videos on our “Video” page while we are currently updating our video service. Here you will find our latest video entry to our video blog series. We hope you find our videos interesting and informative. Do you have an idea for a video blog? Send us a message on our Contact page. Thanks for tuning into Plant City Bonsai TV!

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  • IMG 2288

    Pine De-Candling and Ramification Workshop June 27

    Times:  9:00-12:30  OR  1:30-5:00    lunch provided Instructor:  Adair Martin     Fee:  $75.00 In this class, the student will learn how to work on Japanese Black Pine with a goal of increasing ramification (more branches), and develop shorter needles.  Steve will have trees available for sales at […]

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  • Photo 3

    Beginner Bonsai Class June 13, 2015

      **NOTE ** This summer workshop will include tropicals.  If you choose a juniper or other material, styling and trimming will be the focus.  Root work and re-potting might need to be postponed when the weather cools down.  However, a larger and deeper pot can […]

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  • Weeping Blue Atlas Arriving PCBonsai1

    Beautiful New Trees In From Oregon

     Many beautiful Japanese Maples including Yatsubusa, Red Dragon, Tamukeyama, Katsura and many more.  Conifers including the Fanciful Garden collection from Isle Nursery. Tiny Spruce, Mugo Pine, Hemlock, Whipcord Weeping Red Cedar and much much more!      COME SEE THEM THIS WEEKEND !

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  • 20150502 1623281

    Yamadori Workshop Huge Success!!

    Our students and we agree this past workshop with Larry Jackel on Yamadori, was the best ever!  We plan to have Larry back here at Plant City Bonsai in October, 2015 to continue teaching the art of styling and repotting of everyone’s Yamadori as well as […]

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  • Unnamed

    Yamadori Workshop with Artist, Larry Jackel – May 2, 2015

      Plant Materials Available are: Blue Spruce collected in 2013 from high elevation of the Rocky Mountains.  These awesome trees are approximately 90 years old and under a foot tall.  You will leave here with a treasure.  Pricing is $175 – $350. SEE PICTURES BELOW! […]

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  • Beginner Bonsai Workshops

    Beginner Bonsai Workshop April 25, 2015

      Plant City hosted a potting workshop this past weekend which was a great success!  We look forward to next weekend for a fantastic kickoff of our first all inclusive basic class.      Create your own bonsai with raw tree material to sculpt and transplant. […]

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