10 year old juniper bonsai

Bonsai Basics Workshops April 21, 2018

Class Time: 10:00 –3:00 

Fee:  $95.00    Includes 10 yr old pre- bonsai juniper & bonsai training pot, soil and use of bonsai tools.       

Join this class and the fun, creating your own bonsai with raw tree material to sculpt and transplant. You will learn:

1)  How to find the front of your tree
2)  Basic wiring, trimming & styling
3)  Proper potting techniques

There will be a brief lecture then hands on trimming, wiring if needed, and working the tree’s roots to prepare for potting.   You will learn to prepare your bonsai pot & how to place and wire the tree into the pot. Bonsai soil will be discussed and the proper way to chop the soil around the tree roots. Last and MOST important is Watering, Fertilizing and how to care for your little tree.  Lunch included               

or you may send a check to plant city bonsai

We look forward to seeing you soon!
pcbonsai@gmail.com   770 983-3377

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