Adair-Martin-black pine Bonsai

Fall Maintenance For Pines:   Needle Removal, Bud Selection and Wiring



November 18, 2017  

Class times:  9:00-1:00  OR  2:00-6:00   Lunch included

Class Fee:  $85.00 plus cost of tree

Instructor:   Adair Martin, who has studied extensively for years with Boon Manakitivipart in California


Watch the magic unfold by removal of old pine needles – revealing new small growth created by our summer de-candling.  Identify and select buds for future growth. Adair will guide you as to which limbs need wiring for the continued styling of your trees.

Bring your own tree or purchase one at PC Bonsai. Steve will have a select group of Pines and Junipers for a special price that day. Wire is included, however, for trees needing extensive work, a wire charge or additional class time will be necessary.

Sign up for one class or join both for additional learning time and instruction.  

Reserve your space:   PAY ONLINE BY CLICKING HERE

Call if you have questions 770 983-3377        We look forward to having you here!

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