Bonsai & Pre Bonsai Selection

Amur Maple being trimmed

Bonsai Varieties

There are a number of different tree varieties available to choose from. Examples are Trident & Japanese Maples, Chinese elms, catlin elms, hornbeam, greybark elm, bald cypress and dawn redwood. Conifers include Japanese black pine, white pine, mugo pine, procumbens nana juniper, shimpaku juniper, Colorado blue Spruce/Yamadori, hinoki cypress, Alberta spruce, Kingsville boxwoods (Steve’s specialty), olives and some tropicals. We have something for most everyone in almost any climate. Check out our selection today and choose the right bonsai for you. Our stock constantly changes and there are most likely many more varieties to choose from. Deciduous trees will lose their leaves in the winter and tropicals must be protected from the cold.

Many bonsai clubs love our Procumbens Nana Junipers and use them for workshops as well as demonstrations by well known bonsai masters who have sculpted and shown their techniques, producing awesome bonsai from this raw material.

Japanese Maples

Catlin elms


Chinese elms

Greybark Elm

Bald Cypress

Japanese Black Pine

White Pine

Mugo Pine

Procumbens Nana Juniper

Shimpaku Juniper

Colorado blue Spruce/Yamadori

Hinoki Cypress

Alberta Spruce

Kingsville Boxwoods