March 7, 2015

Morning Class: 10:00 – 1:00 Afternoon Class: 2:00 – 5:00 Fee: $55.00     Instructor: Adair Martin

This Class date has changed from February to March 7.
Sorry for any inconvenience.  The weather has not cooperated with us and we are preparing an area to keep you dry and warm if needed.  New video now on website

Create your own bonsai with raw tree material to sculpt and transplant. You will learn the history, the various styles of bonsai and how to care for your little tree.

March is the perfect time to pot most trees including the trident maple, pine, juniper, elm, hornbeam and more. Adair will speak about and demonstrate proper ways of potting, including selection of pot, working the roots and specific soil mixture for various trees.

Bring your own tree or purchase another cool one here and pot it up! New trees from Florida!   Be prepared for class day specials to entice you.  See the video on our website.

The time allotted will be sufficient for one large bonsai or multiple smaller ones. Tools, wire and screening for potting  are available for your use and one gallon of professional soil mix is included.  Additional available for sale.   The objective of this class is to leave with a happy, freshly potted tree that will flourish.

Adair has been studying black pine care & styling techniques with Boon Manakitivipart in California and will share his extensive knowledge with you.


Basic Bonsai Workshops for beginners with Dave Piemme  March 14 

Yamadori Workshop with Larry Jackel from Colorado in May

Wiring Workshop in Spring – Date to be set soon

Please call or email to reserve your class space

770 983-3377


We hope to see you here!   Steve and Sandy


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