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Workshop Information and Structure

Typically classes start in the Spring continuing through Fall and are held Saturdays starting at 10:00 and last 4 to 6 hours.   Entry fees vary according to class subject.  Trees are included in the Beginner Class and are sold at a discount for specialized classes.  Tools are available for use, however, we encourage students to purchase their own, then you have what you want on hand when you need it and at home. 

There will be a brief lecture followed by hands-on work. Depending on the subject matter there could be trimming, wiring, working the tree’s roots to prepare for potting, de-candling pines, or creating deadwood. When you click the Pay on Line tab you will be taken to Square Market Place and can view other workshops we have held. Most workshops are seasonal or occasional, therefore, many of them will not be available even though they can be viewed.

juniper bonsai workshop


Create your own forest – offering a choice of bald cypress, redwoods
Japanese & trident maples

Saturday March 6th  &   Sunday 14th.  9:00-1:00 

 Fee:   $175 for basic five tree size grove

Included is a durable plastic training tray, soil, wire, accent plants and moss. There is the option to upgrade to a larger 7 tree size and ceramic tray at additional cost. 

Steve Cratty and bonsai staff will teach the forest planting workshop by first demonstrating the process of preparing trees for planting and wiring them in. He will also have examples of forest layouts to help guide you in your tree placement.  

 Class size is limited.  Click here to reserve your space in this exciting workshop  

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juniper bonsai workshop


This is your opportunity to bring your tree or purchase a tree from PCBonsai, and be guided by Adair to specific professional styling and proper potting techniques. Your bonsai will then be on the road to becoming a specimen.

One gallon of professional soil mix is included with additional available for purchase. We encourage use of your own tools. They are available for purchase or can be borrowed from PC Bonsai.  Time allowed will be for one tree. Sign up for both classes for enhanced learning, or, if you have more than one tree or a very large one which needs additional attention.

Adair has been studying bonsai care & styling techniques with Boon Manakitivipart in California for many years now, and will share his meticulous and extensive knowledge with you.

Reserve your space  PAY ONLINE BY CLICKING HERE 770 983-3377

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juniper bonsai workshop


Instructor:  Steve Cratty

Create a mountain scene in special craggy mountain Lace Rock from Utah.  Trees available are small shimpaku, nana juniper, elm, Kingsville & Harlandii boxwood, Alberta spruce and mini gardenia plus a small selection of tropicals such as jade, schefflera, podocarpus, crown of thorns, twisty trunk ficus and cactus.

Join the fun creating exciting mountain landscapes in miniature using stones, trees, and accents.  Rocks & trees included in this event with upgrades available.  All supplies included:  muck, screening, wire, moss, fern, ivy, and accent plants.  

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juniper bonsai workshop


Instructor: Steve Cratty

The Kurume’s are finishing their blooming so this is perfect timing for styling.  We will find the tree’s main line and probable front and proceed to cut back aggressively.  

Click here to sign up for the Azalea workshop!

In order to reserve space for customers who come and go, please park outside main gate or along drive to the right of cabin. We will be there to assist you. Thanks for your patience.  
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juniper bonsai workshop


The next two classes are ones not to miss!  The picture example was planted in Steve’s nursery garden for four years.  Left alone, it grew in girth and melded to the yin-tac nicely!  You will be constructing the roots of a trident maple or ficus over a rock.  With time, the roots will fuse to the rock.  We look forward to seeing you!   Tap here to signup!

Schedule of Events & Workshops

juniper bonsai workshop


De-Candling Black Pines 
Cleaning Out & Creating Jin on Shimpaku

Instructor:  Adair Martin

Japanese Black Pine:  The student will learn the “de-candling” techniques now used in Japan to create the highest quality bonsai and develop shorter needles.  The goal is to increase ramification (more branches), and to refine and balance the growth of the tree. This is also the time to work on white pines to remove excess branching and keep tree more compact.

Shimpaku:  Old yellowing foliageand un-necessary branches can becleaned and thinned out.  Now is the time to create jin because the bark is not tightly attached this time of year.

Wiring is done after de-candling.  If time permits, the student will learn wiring techniques and how to develop branch structure that will develop pads of foliage. 

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juniper bonsai workshop


Instructor:   Adair Martin, who has studied extensively for years with Japanese Master,  Boon Manakitivipart,  in California.

Watch the magic unfold by removal of old pine needles – revealing new small growth created by our summer de-candling.  Identify and select buds for future growth. Adair will guide you as to which limbs need wiring for the continued styling of your trees.  Beginners welcomed!!

Bring your own tree or purchase one at PC Bonsai. Steve will have a select group of Pines and Junipers for a special price that day. Wire is included, however, for trees needing extensive work, an additional wire charge could apply.

Reserve your space:   PAY ONLINE BY CLICKING HERE
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We look forward to having you here!

juniper bonsai workshop


October excitement at Plant City Bonsai!
Creating Jin and Shari

Saturday 20th:   FULL
Sunday 21st:  6 spaces available
Class Fee: $95.00 plus cost of materials – Amazing Colorado Blue Spruce!

Artist/Instructor:   Larry Jackel.  Larry’s mission is to acquaint you will the Yamadori process and guide you in styling and furthering your trees, including creating Jin and Shari – deadwood.  Larry is the bonsai curator of the Denver Arboretum and we are most excited to have him back with us.

This class is for all levels of bonsai enthusiasts from beginner to experienced, and will expand your knowledge of basic bonsai.  Tree offerings include amazing blue spruce collected from the high elevation of the Rockies. Steve will also have selected a group of junipers from the “Sea of Junipers” that have excellent attributes for Yamadori style.  They will be specially priced from $25 – $75.

This is truly a class not to miss!  

Reserve your space:   PAY ONLINE BY CLICKING HERE  
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We look forward to having you here!