Date:   March 7, 2020
Time:   10:00-4:00  lunch included
Class Fee:  $95 including materials & use of tools
Artist/Instructor:  Chuck Wheat

In this class the principles & techniques of grafting will first be discussed, and a little bit of plant physiology. Chuck will demonstrate the art of scion and bud grafting using understock of black pine in 4” pots and grafting dormant limbs of Japanese white pine to the root stock black pine. These techniques can apply to juniper and Maples as well.  

Each attendee will first practice this process on disposable plant materials. Learning to use the grafting knife is a fun process in itself!
The plan is for each student to take home three grafted trees and Chuck and Steve predict a good success rate because the trees are small and timing is correct.

About Chuck:  He is a third year pines student at Bonsai Mirai with Ryan Neil.  He has pursued this hobby for 20+ years but started studying it seriously 5 years ago with his main focus being pines.