Picture is from the Smithsonian October 1989  “Hugging a root mass in a burlap sack, Jackel carries 700 year old juniper from its home on Wyoming range.”

Two Dates:   November 2 or 3,  10:00-4:00  Lunch included
Class Fee: $100.00 plus cost of materials – or bring yours to continue styling Artist/Instructor:   Larry Jackel  This class is for all levels of bonsai enthusiasts from beginner to the experienced.

Larry is the bonsai curator of the Denver Arboretum and we are most excited to have him back with us to share his extensive knowledge and experiences.  His teaching approach is enjoyable, humerous and will surely inspire you & expand your knowledge of bonsai.  His mission is to acquaint you will the Yamadori process (trees collected from nature) and guide you in styling and furthering your trees, including creating Jin and Shari which is deadwood.  

Tree offerings include assorted Yamadori candidates specially priced, Coastal pines with rugged trunks for $195 plus a select group of junipers from the “Sea of Junipers” that have excellent attributes for Yamadori style for $25 – $75.

This is truly a class not to miss!  

Reserve your space:   PAY ONLINE BY CLICKING HERE

770 983-3377 
www.plantcitybonsai.com    We look forward to having you here!