9:00-12:00 or 1:00-4:00  (or join BOTH)  

$100 includes tree, 3″-6″ rock, training pot, muck and soil

The next two classes are ones not to miss!  The picture example was planted in Steve’s nursery garden for four years.  Left alone, it grew in girth and melded to the yin-tac nicely!  You will be constructing the roots of a trident maple or ficus over a rock.  With time, the roots will fuse to the rock.  We look forward to seeing you!   Tap here to signup!


June 2018 Schedule of Events & Workshops  

Root Over Rock   9th
Create a Mountain Landscape   16th & 24th 
Bonsai Show   17th Sunday
Pine De-Candling Workshop   23rd
Bonsai Basics  Sunday JULY 8th