Learn how to create your own forest!

This class is aimed at walking individuals through creating their own Bonsai Forest. Our staff will walk you through each step required to create your own Bonsai Forest, such as: forest layouts, preparing the trees to plant, and wiring the trees. When creating your Bonsai Forest you will get to choose from a variety of trees, such as: Bald Cypress, Redwoods, Japanese Maples and Trident Maples for your grove.

For more information please contact us at: (770) 983-3377 or pcbonsai@gmail.com

Basic 5 Tree Grove Forest

Fee: $175 (Includes a basic 5 tree grove, training tray, soil, wire, plants, and moss)

Larger 7 Tree Grove Forest

Fee: $250 (Includes a 7 tree grove, larger ceramic tray, soil, wire, plants and moss)

Class size is limited.