De-Candling Black Pines 
Cleaning Out & Creating Jin on Shimpaku

Japanese Black Pine:  The student will learn the “de-candling” techniques now used in Japan to create the highest quality bonsai and develop shorter needles.  The goal is to increase ramification (more branches), and to refine and balance the growth of the tree. This is also the time to work on white pines to remove excess branching and keep tree more compact.

Shimpaku:  Old yellowing foliageand un-necessary branches can becleaned and thinned out.  Now is the time to create jin because the bark is not tightly attached this time of year.

Wiring is done after de-candling.  If time permits, the student will learn wiring techniques and how to develop branch structure that will develop pads of foliage. 

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Class size is limited.